OG Mage And Geezyshore Unite For Explosive Anthem “Head Of State”

Please permit me to share this exciting new release with you! OG Mage and Geezyshore are set to shake up
the music scene with their explosive new single, “Head of State.”

This isn’t your ordinary track, it’s a bold proclamation of musical sovereignty, paying homage to the June
12 election while showcasing their unwavering determination.

Fresh from the success of “Hotboy,” OG Mage is teasing fans with snippets of what’s to come, promising
an electrifying ride from start to finish.

Collaboration is second nature to OG Mage and Geezyshore, and “Head of State” is no exception.
Together, they’re a musical supernova, blending their talents to create something truly unforgettable.

Prepare to be swept away by the infectious beats of “Head of State” as OG Mage and Geezyshore take
centre stage, cementing their status as true musical powerhouses.

Pre-Save here.

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