Darlington Mide Releases Highly Anticipated Project “No More Heartbreaks” EP

Rising star Darlington Mide has unveiled his latest musical project, the “No More Heartbreaks” EP, a soulful collection of songs that explore the ups and downs of love, relationship and heartbreak.

The EP features five tracks – “For You”, “Love Up’, You and I”, “Stay”, and “No Play.” This project showcases Darlington Mide’s versatility and growth as an artist. With unique blend of RnB, Amapiano, and soulful melodies, this project is set to resonate with listeners worldwide.

Darlington Mide’s soulful voice and honest storytelling make this EP a must-listen for anyone who has experienced the highs and lows of love.

In “For You,” Darlington Mide pens a tender assurance, vowing to lavish love, security, and protection upon the object of his affections, crafting a soothing melody that envelops the listener in a sense of comfort and devotion.

In “Love up,” Darlington Mide craft a heartfelt ode to unconventional love, born from a deep friendship. With vulnerability, he surrenders to his emotions, proclaiming genuine love without expectation of reciprocity, his soulful melody encapsulating the beauty of selfless devotion.

In “You and I,” Darlington Mide celebrates beauty of committed love, inspired by the intentional relationships surrounding him. This heartfelt ballad honors the joy of couples choosing each other, making it poignant addition to any playlist, especially for those embarking on their own romantic journey.

In “Stay,” Darlington Mide pours out his heart, vulnerably professing his devotion to the woman he loves.  He pledges unwavering commitment, promising to weather life’s storms and trials by her side, his soulful melody capturing the unshakable bond he desires to share with her, against all odds.

In “No play,” Darlington Mide masterfully fuses RnB and Amapiano rhythms, creating an infectious dance track that doubles as a heartfelt plea to his love interest. With sultry vocals, he warns against taking his affection for granted, striking a balance between sensual allure and emotional vulnerability.


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