Rapper $tevoxcv Unveils His Sophomore Project, “Nights In Gidi”.

NIGHTS IN GIDI, $tevoxcv’s sophomore project, a compelling follow-up to the well-received “Untold Stories” released during the 2020 lockdown. This latest venture sees $tevoxcv delving into the essence of his roots, seamlessly weaving the vibrant tapestry of Lagos life into his music. From beat selection to language and references, the project exudes authenticity, capturing the essence of the Lagos experience through $tevoxcv’s storytelling, clever wordplay, and infectious hooks.

The journey kicks off with “Grinding,” a track produced by Laribeats that sets the tone for the entire project. In this opener, $tevoxcv reflects on his musical journey, calls out those who wronged him, and acknowledges
his own shortcomings. “Ready or Not” follows, a perfect late-night drive anthem on Lekki-Ikoyi toll, that effortlessly blends $tevoxcv’s delivery with the energy of the beat. Here, he addresses a partner with trust issues and indecision, assuring her of his unwavering support.”Afterparty” keeps the momentum going, serving as a feel-good anthem with an infectious vibe that demands attention. Produced by Bmn, the track explores the no-sleep culture of Lagosians, proclaiming, “After the club is the after party.” Collaborations with Ebii on “Running” and David Meli on “Jungle Fever” add unique flavours to the project, showcasing both artists’ skills and versatility.

Longtime collaborator and friend, Doz, takes the reins on production for “Stubborn” and “Trust issues.” The minimalist beats, especially in “Stubborn”, provide the perfect backdrop for $tevoxcv’s storytelling and witty wordplay. The energetic “Trust issues” stands out as one of the project’s strongest tracks, emphasising resilience and risk-taking. Closing the album is “Destiny,” produced by Bmn. This self-reflective track serves as a fitting conclusion, with $tevoxcv expressing his realisation that he walks his musical journey alone. Grateful for the supernatural support around him, he notes, “I’ve been anointed, I walk in grace.”

NIGHTS IN GIDI signifies $tevoxcv’s musical evolution, showcasing growth from his previous project. The project explores new sonic territories, demonstrating the artist’s versatility and non conformity in the hip-hop genre. $tevoxcv successfully steps out of his comfort zone, presenting a project that encompasses vividly
imagistic lyrics. This release is a testament to $tevoxcv’s artistic prowess and marks a significant chapter in his musical career.


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