Muis Set To Release Self-Titled Five Track EP “Muis” On February 9th

Fast-rising singer and songwriter, Muis Ajao Oyindamola, widely known as MUIS, is gearing up to make a noteworthy entrance into the music scene with the release of his EP on February 9th, 2024. This EP not only marks a significant milestone in MUIS’s career but also serves as a testament to the transformative changes he underwent in 2023. Formerly known as KING AMO, MUIS’s name change signifies more than a mere alteration; it symbolizes a profound artistic metamorphosis and a refined identity.

As a final-year medical student at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, MUIS brings a unique dimension to his musical journey, showcasing his ability to balance academic pursuits with his passion for music. Describing his musical style as dynamic, MUIS draws inspiration from a blend of genres, including Afrobeats, Pop, and contemporary R&B. His sound, influenced by the likes of Michael Jackson, Usher, Burna Boy, Wande Coal, Wizkid and Davido to name a few, creates a relatable and diverse musical experience for a broad audience.

MUIS’s much-anticipated EP, titled “MUIS,” features five tracks that encapsulate his broad music style. Each song explores various themes, delving into the challenges of everyday life, the dynamics of friendship, the intricacies of love, romantic experiences, good vibes, and the universal desire to avoid solitude. The EP promises to provide listeners with a rich and multifaceted journey through MUIS’s unique storytelling and musical expression.

SAATI RAMONI delves into the challenges of everyday life, addressing issues like fake friends and foes. Muis expresses his belief that God’s backing is crucial in navigating life’s difficulties. The lyrics convey a message of resilience in the face of adversity. With its soulful vocals and uplifting melodies, Saati Ramoni reflects a sense of hope and strength.

In OMALICHA, MUIS expresses profound feelings of love and admiration. The title, meaning “beauty” in Igbo adds a cultural and poetic touch to the lyrics. The slow tempo of the song creates a smooth and relaxed groove, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere.

OH MY GYAL (KUMBAYA) is a dancehall-infused track that immerses you in the lively and upbeat atmosphere of Jamaican music. The use of Jamaican lingo adds authenticity and cultural richness to the song. As dancehall goes, the vibes are rhythmic with lively percussion and a pulsating bass line which Muis supplements with good vocal delivery. The overall mood is energetic, inviting you to vibe and dance along.

WAYO explores the theme of love addressing the concept of trickery and deception in the context of a romantic relationship. The upbeat tempo of the song contrasts with the song theme which creates an interesting dynamic but still sends the message across.

The standout love song, MY BABY breaks away from conventional norms. The decision to infuse an upbeat tempo into a love-themed track showcases MUIS’s willingness to experiment with musical styles. The lyrics, expressing deep affection and commitment, coupled with a catchy chorus, make the song both emotionally resonant and commercially appealing.

This EP features production from OZEDIKUS and NYRP, two of the best in the business.
With the ever- evolving landscape of the music industry, MUIS is a breath of fresh air and “MUIS” the EP not only showcases his artistic prowess but also solidifies his presence in the industry.

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