Rookie Sbk and Ghanaian Producer/Songwriter Oshunda Join Forces for Electrifying Collaboration, “Abena”

Thirsty Sonics artist Rookie Sbk and renowned Ghanaian producer Oshunda are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of their highly anticipated collaborative single, “Abena.”, a fusion of Thirsty Sonics’ R&B signature sound and Oshunda’s multifaceted production prowess.

Their creative synergy ignited when Oshunda shared snippets of beats he was crafting, and one particular musical gem stood out — the foundation for what would later become “Abena.” Upon hearing the first 15 seconds of the beat, Rookie Sbk found himself irresistibly drawn to the infectious rhythm, spontaneously mumble-singing words that would evolve into the captivating hook of the song. The chemistry between the two artists blossomed as they crafted a track that seamlessly blends Rookie’s Thirsty Sonics essence with Oshunda’s Ghanaian musical influences.

“Abena” rides on dancehall-inspired drums and percussion, coupled with a melodic baseline. On top sits lush pads and strings accompanied by a syrupy synth progression that whispers through the listener’s ears like wind. The arrangement sets the perfect mood for the dance floor, as Rookie Sbk passionately implores his muse to give her all. “Abena” is not just a song; it’s an experience that invites listeners to immerse themselves in a world of rhythm, melody, and heartfelt lyrics.

Listen to “Abena” here.

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