GhostwriterMel Unveils Her New 2-Track EP ‘If I’m Wrong’

Lagos-based singer/songwriter GhostwriterMel has released her 2-pack EP titled “IF I’M WRONG”. The Alt-RnB and Afro-Soul/Pop influences shine through these tracks that delve deep into the highs and lows of love and relationships, delivering a sonic experience that transcends genres.

The first track, “A Bet with Someone In My Dreams”, is a soulful reflection on inner turmoil and self-doubt. GhostwriterMel expresses her desire for intimacy, but also her fear of vulnerability. She struggles with the voices in her head that question her choices and feelings.

The second track, “Addicted”, is a sultry confession of a secret affair. GhostwriterMel captures the thrill and the guilt of a forbidden romance, as she and her lover indulge in their mutual attraction. She seeks temporary pleasure, while they claim to have no strings attached. They try to escape from reality and create a “no feelings zone”.

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