Seize The Day: Bubunae’s “Waiting” Is Here

Bubunaé bursts onto the scene with his new single, “Waiting,” a reminder to seize the moment and chase your dreams.

“Waiting” is a call to action, urging listeners to shed self-doubt and embrace their full potential. The track dismantles the shackles of hesitation, replacing them with an urge to live life to the fullest.

“The song is all about that moment when you realize you’ve been waiting for permission to shine,” says Bubunaé, “I wrote ‘Waiting’ to remind everyone, including myself, that life is too short to wait for the ‘right’ moment. The perfect time to do anything is now. This song is about taking risks and embracing opportunities as they come.”

With its optimistic message, “Waiting” is poised to become a fan favourite.

Stream “Waiting” now!

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