“Sideh Kai”: Illbliss’s Latest Album Is A Feast For The Mind And A Gift For Hip-Hop Lovers

Four years have passed since Illbliss released his last album “Illy Chapo X”, and 15 years since his debut album “Dat Ibo Boy”.

Now, the Nigerian rap legend is back with his 8th album, “Sideh Kai”, a tribute to hip-hop culture and a feast for the mind.

The album is a gift for both the young and the old, featuring 16 tracks of hard-hitting production, wise words, reflective musings, and the mature thoughtfulness of an adult scholar who still has something to say as he remains a student of the game.

“Sideh Kai” captures the heart of a hip-hop lover, a father, and a middle-aged rapper—or a middle-aged Black man, in general, who does not make music for a living. That is the charm of “Sideh Kai”. Songs like “Daughters” and “Maale” are priceless, as he expresses his love for his daughters and his wife and his gratitude for his mother. Illbliss is content, knowing that he has already won in the game of hip-hop.

Tobechukwu Ejiofor, better known as Illbliss, is a Nigerian rapper and actor. He is regarded as one of the most influential Nigerian rappers, who helped to pioneer the ‘Eastern – Igbo Boy Movement’ in Nigerian hip hop. He started his career in the mid-2000s, rapping in both English and Igbo and wearing the Igbo boy hat cap with pride. He became known for his casually clever wordplay that boasted excellence and skills. He has built one of the richest and most consistent discographies in post-millennial hip-hop and rap.

Listen to ‘Sideh Kai’ here.

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