Solidstar Serenades Fans With New Love “Necessary”

After a hiatus, beloved Nigerian singer Solidstar (born Joshua Iniyezo) returns with his soulful new single “Necessary,”

Fans who fell in love with Solidstar’s voice over a decade ago with his debut single “One in a Million” will be thrilled with “Necessary,” his third single of 2024.

“Necessary” maintains Solidstar’s vocals with modern-day production. The song explores the essential nature of love in a relationship, with lyrics like “Loving you is necessary” forming the central message.

This is about the incredible feeling of finding someone who loves you back as much as you love them. There’s no better feeling than knowing your love is reciprocated, and that’s what ‘Necessary’ is all about.

“When I was writing the song, what came to my mind was a good and healthy relationship between a Man and a Woman, and what makes a healthy relationship is love and understanding, it has to be 50 50, you love the woman and she loves you back because loving is necessary.”Solid Star

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