Starga Breaks Two-Year Hiatus With Antidote

After a brief hiatus from the limelight, Ghana’s sensation, Starga, returns with an applaudable comeback. His debut release for 2024, Antidote, is a soulful one which engulfs a stream of emotions as he confesses his profound admiration for his lover.

On this record, Starga chants unapologetically, about how engrossed and enamoured he is with his admirer’s affection. Spanning from “dusk to dawn”, he assures his lover to forever stand by her side as what they share is deeply, and firmly rooted. Produced by Starga himself, this song sheds-light on unconditional love, sexual attraction and unwavering allegiance.

“Antidote,” with its alluring fusion of sensual beats, soulful melodies, and moving narrative, is sure to enthral listeners everywhere. Enjoyed either way—driving through the evening or while watching the sun set over the beach—this captivating song is guaranteed to take listeners to a place of sheer musical happiness.

Listen to ‘Antidote’ here.



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