Step Into The Dream: Solis4Evr Unveils EP ‘Ghost Town’

Solis4evr, the Nigerian Indie Pop star, has released her much-anticipated EP, ‘Ghost Town’. It features a unique blend of eclectic sounds that evoke feelings of aliveness, wildness, and recklessness. Likened to Willow Smith’s Punk Rock essence with a distinctly girly twist, Solis4evr’s music offers a dream-like, psychedelic journey that stands out in the vibrant Nigerian music scene.

The project Ghost Town’ features six enticing tracks that take listeners on a journey through a myriad of sounds. It begins with the title track, ‘Ghost Town’, where Solis4evr sets the tone with an ethereal, Pop vibe. The second and leading track, ‘Girl On a Mission’, features the dynamic duo of singer and song-writer Cruel Santino and Mowalola. Mowalola is a creative director for Yeezy Gap and renowned for her high-fashion brand. Cruel Santino, a prominent figure in the African music scene, brings his unique siren futuristic voice to ‘Girl on a mission’, adding a mesmerising layer to the track. His lyrics weave a tale of longing and urgency. Tracks like ‘Manic Pixie Not So Dreamy Girl’ and ‘F*ck!’ introduce a softer Punk Rock energy. ‘Sorry For Calling’, featuring the soulful Chicago-Nigerian native dreamer Isioma, brings a reflective, emotive depth. The EP concludes with ‘Global Strike’, an anthem that captures the essence of Solis4evr’s fearless spirit.

This sentiment is tangible throughout the project.

Listen to project here.

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