House of TiJu Drops New Afrobeat Single ‘Take Am’

House of TiJu (H.O.T), the fast-rising Afrobeat duo, is back with a new single titled ‘Take Am’. Comprised of two talented musicians, Tibey and Jurum, House of TiJu has quickly gained recognition for their unique sound and infectious energy.

Following the success of their debut single titled, Link Up, a creative blend and fusion that features their distinctive talents on the record Osondi Owendi by Chief Osita Osadebe, the duo has continued to trail the road to success with the release of singles such as Rain and Whyne O. Each song further demonstrates their ability to produce catchy, danceable music and melodies.

‘Take Am’ is the latest addition to their impressive discography. This Afrobeat track features captivating melodies, vocals and lyrics that communicate deep admiration and praise for a beloved partner.

The versatility and willingness to push the boundaries of genres are evident in their evolving sound. With Take Am, they continue solidifying their position in the Afrobeat scene, demonstrating their talent and passion for creating music that moves and resonates with people.

Listen To Take Am Here

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