Teejay Mokoena Releases Highly Anticipated Single, ‘Umakoti’ Featuring Mia And Tr!x_thykingdom

Teejay Mokoena offers his second single of the year, the highly anticipated modern day wedding song ‘Umakoti’ which features Sony Music chart topping artist, Mia and record producer Tr!x_thykingdom. Dubbed as the modern day wedding song by the artist, has all the qualities to be the new anthem at South African Weddings.

‘Umakoti’ which was started in the third quarter of 2022, while Teejay Mokoena was finishing off his last year in University underwent a lot of changes and contributors, from being created in a Student Res room to travelling to Nelspruit, where the artist is from in which included additional background vocals from TND and Kray ATM, was then delivered to Tr!x_thykingdom to co-produce. The single was intensified with the rich and authentic Saxophone piece that Jaz played over the vocals, as well the keys that Blaq Note played during a SOL Distro studio camp in Sandton. Upon Mia’s release of her debut single, ‘What Is Love?’ The two connected over social media, which ultimately led to the great vocal performance on the song by the artist. She fulfilled her purpose of depicting the love and emotion one should have when listening to the song with her voice.

Teejay Mokoena sing-raps about a love he has felt about a girl who wishes to make a wife, and how through the uncertainty of love he wants to be with her forever to the point that his family would love to meet her. The chorus encapsulates the traditional ‘Umakoti ngowethu’ which has been sung for decades at South African weddings and lobola negotiations, making this an authentic South African love story. Mia further ties the song, as if she is replying to what Teejay was saying, expressing her feelings to a partner on how she felt from the moment they met.

Teejay, further displayed his creativeness with the rollout plan announcing the single with a wedding invitation idea and encouraging viewers to RSVP (in place of Pre-saving/Pre-addding) the song. He further, gave credit to all the contributors of the song from a production point of view, where he shared their images and introduced them as his groomsmen and uncles.

The song has also been released in Dolby Atmos on Apple Music, an immersive experience which makes you feel as if you are part of the song and known as Spatial Audio for the Apple listeners. For those without Dolby Atmos home setups, can experience this partially through the use of headphones and activating the Dolby Atmos settings, in their Apple Music setting. Listen to song here.

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