Teflon Flexx Announces New Album “X”, Drops On June 14

Ghanaian artist, Teflon Flexx is set to release his highly anticipated album, “X,” on June 14.

This album is a curated collection of 10 songs, most of which were curated for Teflon Flexx’s private enjoyment. Now, he is excited to share these personal tracks with his fans. Earlier this year, Teflon Flexx gave listeners a taste of what’s to come by dropping the singles ‘Close to You’ and ‘New Body.’

The full album will follow, delivering an eclectic mix of tracks that showcase his unique style and artistic evolution. “I made most of these songs for myself, but I don’t want to keep them from my fans any longer,” says Teflon Flexx. “I’m thrilled to finally share “X” with the world.”

Stay tuned for the release of “X” on all major streaming platforms on June 14.


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