Umu Obiligbo’s ‘Legacy’ Album: Crafting Stories And Forging Futures

Umu Obiligbo, the Nigerian superstars and pioneers of Afrik Sound, have just dropped their sixth studio album, titled “Legacy.”

Umu Obiligbo, a music duo consisting of Nigerian Highlife/afrobeat singers Obiligbo Ebuka (Akunwafor) and his brother Obiligbo Ifeanyi (Okpuozor), hailing from Anambra state, is renowned for their hit single “Culture.” They embarked on their musical journey in 2012, establishing their own label, Umu Obiligbo Global, in 2018.

Their debut album, “Ife Di Mma,” released in 2014, featured five tracks, including “Egwu Ebube Dike,” “Egwu Ndi Nne,” and “Ife Di Mma.” Their subsequent album, “Signature (Ife Chukwu Kwulu),” in 2018, comprised ten solid tracks, featuring A-List artists like Zoro, Victor AD, and Bube.

Now, with “Legacy,” they bring collaborations with Bracket from Nigeria, Bisa Kdei from Ghana, and Beepee from Nigeria. This album focuses on delivering lessons, aiming to educate its listeners. Umu Obiligbo is known for their storytelling and words of advice, motivating and enlightening the youth with every line.

Umu Obiligbo maintains their authenticity and street credibility in every track, making them one of the few artists of their generation conveying stories and wisdom through their music. Notably, this album contains numerous prophecies, turning the duo into musical prophets.

The majority of the instruments in the “Legacy” album are played live. A team of producers, including Aku Wealth, Dr Ozor, Mathew, Niyi P, Deeyaso, Boom Beats, Banana boy, C Major, and Doktor Sett, contributed to the production. Jay Stuntz handled the engineering, while Fiokee, Jerry, and Best played the guitars.

Press play, enjoy the album, and don’t forget to absorb the valuable lessons it offers.


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