Get Ready To Fell The Vibes: KCee And Oxlade Drop ‘I Pray’

Prominent artist KCee and singing sensation Oxlade are thrilled to introduce their latest musical partnership, “I Pray.” featuring the unique Oja flute.

In “I Pray,” KCee’s artistic flair and Oxlade’s exceptional vocals come together in a way that transcends traditional musical categories. Anchored in themes of hope and tenacity.

Recognized and respected within the music industry, Kcee shared his excitement about the collaboration, expressing “The experience of working with Oxlade on ‘I Pray’ was truly remarkable, the song holds a special place in our hearts, and we can’t wait to share it with our fans.”

Oxlade, celebrated for his skills and adaptability, chimed in, saying, “I’m extremely excited about teaming up with KCee on ‘I Pray.’ This song exemplifies how music can unite people and spread positivity.”

Press play and feel the vibe on ‘I Pray’.


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