Avit Teams Up With Wanlov The Kubolor For New Single “Kyelensa”

Avit’s latest release, “Kyelensa,” where Afrobeat meets alternative soundscapes in an electrifying fusion. Inspired by the whimsical flight of a popular Ghanaian rubber ball, “Kyelensa” metaphorically delves into the unpredictable challenges faced by everyday Ghanaians.

He teams up with Wanlov the Kubolor, a critically acclaimed artist known for his candid and bold expressions. Wanlov’s unique style complements Avit’s Afrobeat foundation, bringing an alternative edge that makes “Kyelensa” both innovative and impactful.

Produced by Iyke Parker, the track’s creation was a moment of raw inspiration. Avit, caught in the creative flow without paper or a phone, penned the memorable opening line, “I write another big one in my hand.”

Stream “Kyelensa” available on all streaming platforms

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