KJ Spio Releases Hot New Single ‘Jealous’ Featuring Sarkodie, Loick & Ambre

Afro-Pop sensation, KJ Spio releases his highly anticipated new single, ‘Jealous’. The track features an impressive lineup of tremendously talented artists, including SarkodieLoick, and Ambré. Produced by the amazing M.O.G. Beatz and C Figz, ‘Jealous’ is set to captivate audiences with its infectious rhythms and warm depth.

‘Jealous’ is a dynamic and emotionally charged track exploring themes of love, envy, and vulnerability. KJ Spio‘s innovative approach to Afro-pop and R&B is evident. Sarkodie‘s powerful verses inject a raw and authentic Ghanaian flavour, elevating the track’s intensity. Loick‘s smooth vocals add depth to the song, while Ambré’s soulful tones provide a compelling contrast.

When asked about the inspiration behind ‘Jealous’, KJ Spio said “For me, the idea of the song is about treating your significant other as special until people start getting jealous of your relationship. It manifests in different forms, including kindness and actually listening.  An integral theme we also wanted to explore (which is reflected in the video) is ‘women empowerment’. In all, it’s a super beautiful song.”

Sarkodie added“I wrote this song from a standpoint of being with someone who is special to me, knowing fully well that this person treats me preferentially, compared to everyone else. They love me and are not hooked up elsewhere.”

Loick Essien summarised “I wrote this song while I was recording at my home-studio. It was about a relationship I was in. You know, sometimes real happiness (even though I dislike that phrase) can attract a lot of jealousy. I started working with Jay, and he’s the only person I know I can send a record to, & he’ll send it back finished. So when I heard the collaborations, it all came together like the missing pieces of a puzzle.”

KJ Spio has steadily built a name for himself in the music industry, with over 10.9 million streams across all platforms, as an A&R and a manager as well. It is safe to say he is pushing the culture across the globe with his unique sound and artistic vision. New Wave Magazine describes this ‘Culturepreneur’ as a thought leader who nurtures creative minds and gives them a platform. Over his career, he has collaborated with various artists, including the iconic Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, Afro prince Oxlade, gifted Efya, extremely talented Big Narstie,  and renowed Blaq Jerzee, as well as producers. He individually released ‘Advice’ by Cadet, which stayed on the charts for over 24 weeks and almost earned double platinum. and he spearheaded a record-breaking virtual concert with over 3 million views on premiere. His loyal fanbase increases by the day, and ‘Jealous’ is expected to further solidify his position as a prominent figure in the Afro-Pop genre.

‘Jealous’ is now available on all streaming platforms.

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