Move Your Body! DopeNation’s ‘Zormizor (Asabone)’ Is A Floor Must-Have

Ghanaian musical firebrands DopeNation are back with a scorcher to ignite dance floors this summer. Their newest single, “Zormizor (Asabone),” oozes energy.

“ZormiZor” showcases DopeNation’s signature blend of Afrobeat, Highlife and modern pop. The song’s catchy chorus, featuring the repeated chants of “Zormizor zor” and “Mizorzor zor,” is guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

The song’s lyrics simmer with desire, hinting at a playful infatuation. The singer is captivated by someone’s physique (“Your back view dier only God / E dey confuse mor”) and expresses a yearning for connection (“Me I want do more”).

“We wanted to create a song that would make people want to move,” says DopeNation. “we think ‘Zormizor (Asabone)’ is going to be a summer anthem.”

Listen to song here.

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