Double Delight: Kaptain’s “Addicted” And “Arise” Bring A Fresh Wave Of Emotions

Kaptain, known for his unique voice and motivating lyrics, is back with two new songs – “Addicted” and “Arise.”

“Addicted” talks about the challenge of balancing making money and maintaining a romantic relationship. It explores the difficulties of being too focused on financial success and the impact on love, hinting at the complexities of relationships.

Meanwhile, “Arise” celebrates success, thanking God, and recognises the tough times on the journey to prosperity. The repeated calls to “arise” and mentions of money and blessings convey a feeling of triumph and abundance.

Kaptain’s songs showcase his versatility and depth as an artist. This release invites everyone to enjoy the meaningful lyrics and soulful melodies of “Addicted” and Arise,” experiencing the evolution of Kaptain’s music journey.


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