Find Your Strength: Sean Tizzle’s “Time And Season” Will Motivate You

Renowned Afropop artist Sean Tizzle returns with a powerful and motivational single, “Time And Season.”

This song track features driving percussion and soulful vocals, interwoven with a message of perseverance. Inspired by the Yoruba proverb “Life is not constant,” Tizzle reminds listeners that life’s journey is filled with sunshine and storms. Yet, through hard work and faith, we can overcome any obstacle and achieve success.

“Time And Season” wasn’t just written, it was felt,” says Tizzle. “The lyrics flowed like a poem with rhythm. It all came to me while I was reflecting on life’s journey. It struck me that time and season are precious, and every missed opportunity is a chance lost. This song embodies that message.”

Sean Tizzle further emphasises this concept with a clever analogy: “Just like three can’t be divided by two, and a coin has two sides, there’s a time for everyone to shine. ‘Time And Season’ is your anthem for embracing your moment.”

“Time And Season” will resonate with anyone seeking a powerful dose of motivation.

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