Muis Set To Kick Off The Season Of Love With ‘My Baby’

Fast-rising act Ajao Muis Oyindamola popularly known as MUIS, is set to release MY BABY, the focus track off MUISTHEEP.

2023 was amazing and significant for MUIS, who underwent a transformation which translated to a name change from KING AMO to MUIS. The transformation symbolized more than just a name change; it represented an artistic metamorphosis. MUIS has undergone a creative renaissance, refining his identity and artistic expression.

The release of his first single Saati Ramoni followed, which set and broke records in such a very short time.

The success of Saati Ramoni was widespread raking in over a million streams across all digital streaming platforms. This represented not just popularity, but a deep resonance with listeners. MUIS’s ability to captivate audiences with his debut single establishes him as an artist with immense potential and a promising future.

That has set the stage for the release of MY BABY.

MY BABY as the title implies is a love song, it’s nicely coincidental it drops in the month of love.

Here, MUIS expresses his love for his baby, acknowledging all of the efforts he will put in to make her happy, highlighting how much he loves her and how he will get his money up so they live their best lives. It’s the perfect love song.

“MY BABY” is as a standout love song, breaking away from conventional norms. The decision to infuse an upbeat tempo into a love-themed track showcases MUIS’s willingness to experiment with musical styles. The lyrics, expressing deep affection and commitment, coupled with a catchy chorus, make the song both emotionally resonant and commercially appealing. MUIS’s ability to deliver a love song with a fresh, energetic twist positions “MY BABY” as a potential chart-topper.

Produced by NYRP, once you hear the tagline Produzaa, you best believe it’s a hit.

Saati Ramoni announced MUIS to everyone, MY BABY is set to stake his claim as a name to be reckoned with in the music industry.


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