Zlatan Emerges As A Visionary Artist, Mastering The Long Game

Zlatan is an artist who has played the long game and stayed true to himself. From his debut on the music scene, Zlatan effortlessly captivated audiences, and 2019 marked a transformative period for the rapper, where viral moments seamlessly transitioned into tangible success.

Zlatan has always had a good ear for beats. He’s sharp in his rapping, with each lyric packed with the intentionality of a person who’s been working behind the scenes. His latest single, “BUST DOWN,” is autobiographical in lyricism but flagrant through its visual representation. It celebrates divine intervention and hard work in the pursuit of success.

In “BUST DOWN,” Zlatan expresses gratitude for being blessed and acknowledges the challenges faced on the journey. The chorus serves as a powerful mantra that resonates with the listener. The song is created to elevate your mood and make you shake your body gracefully and rhythmically. It also motivates everyone that their heart desires will come into fruition.


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