Nigerian Music Producer JiggyYB Makes Waves With ‘Trencherous Times’

The acclaimed music producer and engineer hailing from Abuja, has officially stepped into the spotlight with his highly anticipated debut EP, “Treacherous Times.” Known for his innovative and genre-defying beats, JiggyYB brings over 5 years of industry experience to this groundbreaking project.

“Treacherous Times” is a 9-track EP that showcases JiggyYB’s exceptional talent and versatility. Drawing from Abuja’s explosive music scene, the EP features collaborations with some of the most dynamic and promising artists. Among them are: Tomi Obanure, Eeskay, KVV, Begho, Bolayrn, Psycho YP, Southside Saint and more.

Following the success of his collaborative efforts on PsychoYP’s chart-topping “Bando Diaries,”

JiggyYB utilises the artists to document the life and times of a nigerian youth navigating the country as he documents the pop culture, government, dreams, brotherhood, and desires.

“The tape isn’t just music; it’s a state of mind and a point of view of each individual on the project.” – Jiggy YB

With “Treacherous Times,” JiggyYB makes a statement.


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