Embracing Solitude: Bella Shmurda’s Latest Track ‘Loner’ Speaks To The Soul

Bella Shmurda, the artist who has become the voice of Afropop’s new era, releases his poignant new single “Loner.” With his unique voice that narrates the collective experiences of a generation and serves as a vessel of profound personal expression, Shmurda continues to weave the intricate stories that define him as an artist.

As noted by NativeMag, “Since the turn of the decade, few musicians have captured the zeitgeist of Afropop as eagerly as Bella Shmurda. His voice is at once a detailer of generational experiences as it an instrument of immense personal quality, wedged into the very unique stories that have shaped the man born Akinbiyi Ahmed.”
Culture Custodian describes him as a “New light in a new form, high-voltage lightning that strikes against all odds, a star that cannot be stopped from shining, and a power that always penetrates.”

A conscious Afro-pop singer and songwriter, Bella Shmurda has been dubbed the “New Born Fela” and is the leader of Dangbana Republik.

His journey into the performing arts began in primary school, where he participated in cultural dance and sang in the school band before being promoted to music prefect. His passion for music continued to flourish, and in 2011, he penned his first track.

Bella Shmurda’s music offers an unfiltered perspective that resonates with the mindset of the average individual caught in a relentless cycle of scarcity.

In 2023, after mourning the loss of a close friend, Bella released his first single of 2024, “Loner.” This sombre track showcases his raw emotion and vulnerability. “Loner” is not only a personal lament for his friend but also an exploration of ambiguous grief—a type of sorrow that is often unrecognized or misunderstood by others.

He sings, “Everything’s been different since you left me…” Bella’s willingness to display his emotions and craft autobiographical lyrics has connected with listeners worldwide who find themselves in similar circumstances.

“Loner” was produced by Swankii, with additional production by Tuzi, adding an extra layer of depth to the track with additional vocals by Lyta.

Press play and let Bella Shmurda’s voice guide you through the pain.

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