The Sound Of Unity: Kcee’s Ojapiano (Remix) Featuring One Republic Hits The Airwaves

Renowned Nigerian artist KCEE, also known as Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo, has released the remix of his hit single “Ojapiano,” featuring the globally celebrated band OneRepublic.

The Nativemag remarks “For too long the southeast has been excluded from discussions in mainstream media. Lauded for business and economy, and less for its culture and philosophy. As someone who cracked the scope many years ago, it’s fitting that KCee is again at the forefront of this conversation.”

“Ojapiano,” originally produced by the talented Jaysynths, resonated deeply with audiences, securing KCEE’s status as a cultural icon. The track’s signature rolling log drums harmonize with KCEE’s smooth vocals, while the traditional flute, or Oja, weaves through the vibrant percussions, showcasing both elegance and strength.

Music journalist Emmanuel Esomnofu praised the song, stating, “We do not look inwards enough. As they should, the southeastern music scene has championed the utilisation of this sound, even way longer than most people know.”

The original “Ojapiano” not only instilled a sense of cultural pride but also transcended demographic barriers, captivating listeners from all walks of life. Its widespread appeal drew the attention of OneRepublic, leading to a remix, the snippet became a sensation on social media, igniting excitement among fans worldwide.
This remix is a true celebration of cultural impact and artistic fusion. OneRepublic’s contribution lifts the melody to unprecedented levels, with lead vocalist Ryan Tedder infusing the piece with his unique international touch.

Ryan Tedder, frontman of OneRepublic, shares his anticipation: “I am very excited to jump on this song. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the finished work, and I look forward to more collaborations with African artists!”

Kcee also expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration and the global reach of the Oja sound: “I love how the Oja sound is going global and connecting us. It has become part of a movement, and everyone accepts it.”

This remix goes beyond cross-collaboration, this symbolises the heartbeat of life at its finest – a celebration of influence and unity.

Press play to hear KCee and One Republic bridge continents and cultures.

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