Supa Gaeta Drops Two-Track E.P in Celebration of His Birthday

Ghanaian Producer/Artist Supa Gaeta chose to celebrate his birthday in style this year, with the release of a fascinating dual track EP. The release features two songs showcasing Supa Gaeta’s versatility and musical prowess.

The first track, ‘No dullin’,’ is a collaboration with Abuja-based singer Ayüü, renowned for his genre-fusing sound. Produced by David Acekeyz, the song delves into the poignant narrative of unrequited love.

In the second track, ‘This year,’ Supa Gaeta joins forces with fellow Ghanaian artist B4Bonah, known for his motivational anthems. The song reflects on the trials and tribulations faced in life and careers, yet emphasizes the resilience to keep pushing forward. Supa Gaeta’s trademark phrase, “If e no work yesterday, we go try again today,” serves as a powerful mantra throughout the uplifting composition. Produced by The 7, who shares a storied history with Supa Gaeta, including collaborations on hits like ‘Gimme dat’ and ‘Money no dey,’ ‘This year’ promises to inspire listeners with its infectious energy and empowering message.

This release serves as Supa Gaeta’s preparation to deliver an unforgettable musical experience for his fans throughout the year.

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