FREE THE YOUTH’S Resounding Success In Mental Health Awareness and Community Engagement.

FREE THE YOUTH, a leading name in the streetwear fashion industry, successfully hosted the maiden edition of its ‘Art Of Healing’ event focused on mental health awareness and community engagement.

The highlight of the day was a heartfelt mental health talk, where the founders of FREE THE YOUTH shared their experiences alongside expert Dr. Carol Mathias-O’chez, Nigerian actor Deyemi, and founders of UK-based denim jeans brand Jeanius Bar Atelier to shed light on the importance of mental well-being. Broadcast journalist Caroline Sampson moderated the panel to have a candid and educational conversation, sharing insights and strategies for coping with everyday challenges.

In addition to the mental health talk, FREE THE YOUTH organized a workshop in collaboration with Jeanius Bar Atelier where they distributed over 200 free t-shirts and 300 pairs of denim jeans to attendees.

The day’s events culminated in a lively mixer, allowing participants to connect, share experiences, and build a supportive community. The mixer featured music, food, drinks and interactive activities, creating an atmosphere of celebration and unity.

Co-founder and Head of Operations for FREE THE YOUTH, expressed their gratitude for the event’s success, stating, “We get to travel the world a lot and get to see and experience many things. So coming home every time to share them with our people is very important to us. At FREE THE YOUTH, we are all about giving back to the community that continues to inspire us, so anytime the opportunity arises, we grab hold of it.”

FREE THE YOUTH remains dedicated to its mission of making a difference in people’s lives through fashion and advocacy.

For more information about FREE THE YOUTH and its philanthropic efforts, please visit WWW.FREETHEYOUTH.NET

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