Tee Kae’s Soulful Melodies Shine in “Bleeding”

Tee Kae, the talented Ghanaian-French singer, has unveiled her latest single, “Bleeding.” Produced by the renowned JordanBeatz, this track dives deep into the concealed emotions hidden beneath a facade of a fabulous life. The song is already gaining immense attention and follows the successful release of “The Night,” which has garnered over 20,000 streams on various digital platforms.

“Bleeding” begins with a powerful lyrical narrative, with Tee Kae singing, “Who knows you’re bleeding when you look so fine, mmerɛ kc ah ne kc ah, Nisuo na mete oh.” The song delves into feelings of isolation and struggles concealed behind a veneer of strength and composure.

Tee Kae Bleeding Cover art

Tee Kae Bleeding Cover art

The chorus further reveals the emotional depth, “Afe yi end this road, I’m on a thinner rope, I got my mind feeling down, If you wanna know, How come it never stops, This door holding my thoughts, I wanna ride, till I die, And break this curse.”

Tee Kae’s soulful vocals carry the listeners through a journey of hidden pain and inner turmoil, and she aptly captures the essence of enduring hardship and putting on a brave face.

“Who knows you’re bleeding when you look so fine, mmerɛ kc ah ne kc ah?” she asks, inviting the audience to reflect on the unspoken struggles many individuals face. Tee Kae masterfully conveys the dichotomy of appearing strong while battling inner demons.

In the bridge, Tee Kae sings, “Ohhh trashing me no harm will do, If I’m sinking in the purified hole, Ohhh would it hurt you if they got to know, All your worries, what u hide behind the walls.”

Listen to “Bleeding” on all platforms here and connect with Tee Kae on Instagram @_tee_kae

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